Ceramic grill Monolith Classic PRO 2.0 (black, on wheels)

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The Monolith Classic PRO 2.0 ceramic grill (black) is the most popular model on 4 wheels of the PRO series from the renowned manufacturer Monolith. It is served with a large volume in with a barbecue grill size of 44cm, suitable for larger picnics and celebrations. You can easily bake 8 large steaks or 12 burgers for burgers on it. In addition, you get all the accessories you need for a successful grilling season. Thus, the 3000-year-old traditional Japanese food preparation will shine right at your home in the new Monolith Classic.

If you are looking for a unique, efficient and high quality ceramic charcoal grill, then read more in the description below.


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Monolith Classic PRO 2.0 charcoal grill

Many barbecue masters believe that a ceramic charcoal grill is the best possible decision. This is certainly true, as the aroma of charcoal and the possibilities offered by charcoal baking inspires again and again. This makes your food juicier and tastier. For this reason, we proudly and enthusiastically present a series of the most popular and highly efficient charcoal grills. smokers. These grills are significantly different from classic kettle grills and today we present the Classic PRO 2.0 series.

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New series - Classic PRO 2.0

The ceramic charcoal grill Classic PRO 2.0 is unique, as the steel stand gives you exceptional mobility. The Monolith Classic 2.0 ceramic grill is also suitable for stewing, cooking, roasting and, of course, baking delicious pieces of meat. Its 44 cm wide stainless steel grill grate will also provide enough food for a larger picnic.

Thanks to the new Smart Grid system, you will now be able to roast meat at 4 different heights. The grill is divided into two parts, so you can grill separately at different heights at the same time and use indirect baking to perfection. This gives you a lot of flexibility, as you can not only use indirect baking, but you can also adjust the additional intensity of indirect baking by lowering or raising the grille and not only with the possibility of air supply

3 in 1 charcoal ceramic grill

It is a unique combination of a classic grill, smoker and oven, which ensures that your food will be truly delicious and incredibly full.

The great advantage of a ceramic grill over ordinary charcoal grills is in the ability to retain heat. This makes your baking more economical and most importantly ... Your meat is better cooked. When grilling on charcoal, we must pay attention to the air supply with which we regulate the intensity of baking. We can choose slow baking or. smoking at low temperature or fast baking at high temperature. The more the air supply is open, the higher the temperature and vice versa. For this we use the lower air valve and the upper chimney, which has been renovated in the 2.0 series.

The exceptional uniqueness of the ceramic charcoal grill or. smoker hides in the possibility of slow indirect roasting of meat, which allows you to prepare a larger piece of juicy meat, which you gradually and slowly roast, smoke and cook at one. In it you can prepare a whole chicken, duck, rabbit or even a crispy pizza with a diameter of 40 cm. With pizza stone, it is best to use a heat deflector, which ensures that the stone for baking pizza does not get too hot.

Top quality ceramics

Many times preparing a charcoal grill takes time, but thanks to the 3 cm thick ceramics after which the heat spreads quickly and evenly, this is no longer a challenge. You can heat a barbecue with pre-prepared charcoal in as little as 15 minutes, and you can reach anything from 80 to 400 degrees Celsius. The temperature is regulated by the lower and upper air valves, and the precise thermometer at the top of the lid ensures that the food is prepared in the appropriate temperature chamber. Baking at the exact temperature is the secret of many master chefs and it is this grill that allows you to do this.

3 cm thick ceramics maintain and regulate heat and moisture in food extremely well. This way, the dishes under your hands will be really juicy, full and extremely tasty. Steam and aromatic smoke of charcoal ensure that your food absorbs all the necessary vitamins and minerals that would evaporate into the air in the event of an open grill.

Thus, baking in Classic PRO 2.0 is not only faster than in classic kettle grills on charcoal, but also more economical or. economical, as ceramics retain heat significantly better than aluminum or any other material.

What does the ceramic grill Classic PRO 2.0

The stainless steel grill grate that you receive in the Monolith Classic PRO 2.0 set is the central and main area where you will prepare delicious and delicious barbecue dishes. Stainless steel will make sure your food is prepared on the best material, and cleaning the grill plate will be very easy.

The set also includes a smoker. stick for adding smoke aromas (chips). The rod is made of stainless steel, and we insert it into a special opening designed for just that, which gives you easy access, without lifting the lid or grilles. So that you do not have to lift the grilles by hand, you also get a holder or. lattice lift.

Inside hides a multi-part ash removal system including a metal sieve and an ash trap at the bottom. This will make ash removal very easy and efficient.

At the bottom of the grill you will also find a refurbished stainless steel charcoal pan that can be divided into two parts. Which further facilitates the indirect baking process.

The kit also comes with a barbecue grill lift, which ensures that you can access the inside of the grill and charcoal without the use of gloves, easily, safely and very quickly.

How do we light a charcoal grill?

The ceramic grill Classic 2.0 can be lit with quality charcoal or briquettes. Charcoal is more suitable when we want higher temperatures, and briquettes are used when we want longer, slower baking at lower temperatures. Briquettes can be a bit more difficult to ignite, which requires the use of an air valve and a chimney at the same time. It is important not to ignite too much charcoal in the grill.

The grill also has a built-in removable ash pan, focal point and wrought iron air valve, as well as stainless steel ventilation doors. Many gourmets or barbecue masters are of the opinion that the preparation of charcoal or. burning charcoal is what it inspires them and represents the pleasure of deliciously preparing delicious food for the whole family.

Tehnical specifications:

  • Grill dimensions (width x depth x height): 59 cm x 59 cm x 78 cm
  • Dimensions of the grill with stand (width x depth x height): 120x 71 x 120cm
  • Weight: 115 kg
  • Grille size: 44 cm
  • Color: black
  • Stainless steel grille
  • Ceramic cover
  • Thermometer on the cover
  • Smoking drawer + smoking stick
  • Temperature regulator/ventilation
  • Two-way control valve
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • New fiberglass seal
  • Deflection stone
  • Barbecue grill lift
  • Renovated stainless steel charcoal container
  • Ceramic container for removing charcoal and ash
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