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Flamula gas tube burner with a ring diameter of 30 cm, a nominal power of 7 kW and a gas consumption of 550 kW.

Use: To use, simply connect it to the gas, light a fire, place it under the grill plate and start baking.

+ GAS technology provides up to 40% more combustion power.

More about the tube burner options is in the description below.

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Gas pipe burner fi = 30 cm + GAS

The gas tube burner + GAS enables a varied and easy preparation of delicious grilled dishes in any way. In addition to the grill plate, you can also place a small kitchen utensil, an induction pan, a cast iron pan or a cooking kettle on the round tube burner.

+ GAS technology provides up to 40% more combustion power.

The gas tube burner with a diameter of 30 cm is also suitable for travel, as it measures only 43 cm in length and can be easily put in a backpack, which offers a great solution for hikers, climbers and longer trips in nature. This way, warm tea or a delicious cream soup will always be on the go with you.

The main advantages of the gas burner:

  • High quality materials
  • Convenient size (burner diameter 30 cm)
  • Very easy to use
  • + GAS technology (+ 40% more power)

Gas pipe burners + GAS are a great choice for gourmets who want more power in preparing their masterpieces.

Burner technical data:

  • External size of the burner: 30 cm
  • Burner power: 7 kW
  • Gas consumption: 550 g / h
  • Length: 57 cm




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